Building Best-In-Class Properties



Providence Investments invests in markets with a balanced population growth, high tenant demand, key demographics, strong leadership and employment growth, which has proven to be the winning formula in our investment strategy.



We focus on primary and secondary markets in Southeastern states, including Alabama, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina and in a few northern and midwestern states with barriers to entry. These principles have allowed Providence Investments and its partners to flourish and outperform the toughest economic market in history.


Our Approach

The goal of our leadership at Providence Investments is to develop top-notch multifamily properties, and with our years of experience, we exceed our investors' expectations. Location is extremely important to identify and our first priority when investing, and Providence focuses on delivering high returns to our partner investors in these targeted capital markets.


Acquisition Criteria

  • Optimal site to support 200 to 300 units
  • Secondary and Tertiary Markets
  • Garden Style
  • Fee Simple Land